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9th and last online OAPC will be held in 26 September 2009, 14:30 GMT.

The 10th OAPC will be held in November in Antalya, as a part of the competition.
You can find the instruction in German:
Serkan, if you read this before the contest, may you please adjust the server clock? Like the last time it's around ten minutes early.
Ergebnisse sind da!
Ich bin zufrieden. Glückwunsch an alle, die besser abgeschnitten haben - insbesondere an Florian (Mensch, bist du gut geworden!) und an die anderen natürlich auch.
Ich vermisse noch ein paar Punkte (Rätsel Nr. 6, 26 und 32 habe ich meines Erachtens korrekt, bei 26 habe ich den Antwortschlüssel verpeilt, ich weiß nicht wie streng das gesehen wird, die anderen beiden müßten auf jeden Fall stimmen), aber für Platz 1 reicht es in keinem Fall - herzlichen Glückwunsch Florian!
Glückwunsch auch von mir. Hab auch wieder jede Menge Punkte bei der Eingabe liegenlassen. Wenn ich mal meine Zettel nochmal durchschaue, fehlen mir drei Rätsel, bei denen ich keinen Fehler in meiner Lösung finden kann. Außerdem habe ich seltsamerweise Punktabzug für Zeitüberzug erhalten, obwohl ich bestimmt 10 Minuten vor Schluss die letzte Eingabe getätigt habe. Mit diesen komm ich dann immerhin auf 41, also dem für mich üblichen "1/3 von der Spitze". Aber anderen ging es bestimmt genauso. Schade, dass das auf absehbare Zeit erstmal der letzte Wettbewerb war.

Zu den Rätseln schreib ich nachher noch was (aber fairerweise lieber in englisch).
Glückwunsch an alle Teilnehmer.
Von allen OAPC, an denen ich teilnahm, fand den heutigen Contest am schwersten. Aber die Rätsel haben wie immer gefetzt. Und das große Tapa war das beste von allen, nur schade, dass ich dann wohl einen Tippfehler in der Lösung hatte.
Ob es nächstes Jahr wohl auch solche Wettbewerbe gibt? Smile
OK, here are some things I want to say about the puzzles of OAPC9

1-4 Previously on OAPC

Just did the slitherlinks. Nice combination, nothing more to say. The description of the new solution code for this type of puzzles probably leeds to a lot of errors (because many people probably start to count in the upper left corner of the grid), but its still better than he old one.

5-8 Summenbild Rundweg

"Heimvorteil", so I did them all (but entered a false solution code for one of them). I dont know if its a good idea to torture other puzzlers with long strange german names. Something short like "Kropki" (which is polish if I remember correctly) is cool, but "Summenbild Rundwegrätsel" is probably not (for non-germans).

9-12 Magisches Minesweeper

Should be renamed to "Magic Minesweeper" for the same reason. I only did two of them (and the one in our portal). In every case I first searched the positions of the symbols, and then solved the "magic"" part afterwards. So its basically two puzzles. I wonder if thats always the case. I dont like puzzles where I have to paint symbols (even if its just a star, I'm just that terrible in painting.)

13-16 Tapa Logic

More points than I usually get in the hole OAPC, so I skipped it. The one in the portal was great. What I dont like about the puzzle is that there is one number you didn't use. It makes it "a little bit less perfect" for me, but thats just me.

17-20 Magic Fence

Nice combination. I just did the first (where I had problems finding the right path). I dont know if that occurs in the other three puzzles, but it would be cool, if the solution path includes some jumps between the "magic" part and the "fence" part (that means you cant write down all numbers from the beginning, you have to start solving the slitherlink-puzzle to get the rest of them).

21-24 Triangular Heyawake

I dont like it that much, because I have serious problems in realizing the dangerous almost closed chains of diagonal adjacent blackened cells. I changed my marks from "X" for a black cell to completly painted black cells in the second one, this way it get a little bit better.


A lot of difficulty seems to come from the fact, that you don't know the head and tail. I have not seen that before in "normal" snake puzzles, I probably will try to construct a puzzle from this idea.

29-32 Fillomino Skyscrapers

A very good example for a puzzle where the combination really adds new strategies.

33-36 Tetroword

Word puzzle, havent done it yet, probably will never do it :-)

37-40 Offspring

Very nice. Small ruleset, just a grid and numbers inside, difficult and still much much strategies. Just like the Bossa Nova recently introduced in the portal.
The results are not complete results, we have many things to be corrected. However the web page doesn't let us in, it's out of use for over 4 hours. Angry Lucky that the competition ended without trouble. I hope the full results will show up the next day Smile
Complete results can be seen now:

The top three are as follows:
1. Florian Kirch (Germany)
2. Mehmet Murat Sevim (Turkey)
3. Hideaki Jo (Japan)

Thanks to all competitors and congratulations to Florian Kirch!

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