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Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour
(30.07.2023, 21:24)Schachus schrieb: I disagree both with the premise and the conclusion. You talk about the purpose of the website. This website is the online representation of the German puzzle association. As such is and always has been its purpose: That includes to show news about puzzling in Germany, host a forum for German puzzlers and other interested people, host competitions, in particular serve as host for the qualifications for German Sudoku and puzzle championships and inform interested people about Logic puzzles, among other things. And one part of this is the puzzle portal, that (in my understnading, which does not mean much), aims to excanges puzzles (with Sudokus are a part of) between enthusiasts and show new users the variety of puzzles.

But a change in the puzzle portal indicates by no means that the purpose of the website would have to change (it shouldn't, it still very much is the homepage of the German puzzle association and there should absolutely be such a homepage), or even already would have changed.

According to Dandelo, in the last post of page 4, you are wrong.

Zitat:The site was never intended for publishing puzzles in the web. There was a group of puzzlers, knowing each other IRL, who created this site to challenge each other with puzzles.

Emphasis is mine. This website began as a friend group. Now it is a global community. I'm not saying it has to do anything - I'm saying it's already undergone a lot of change. And I'm suggesting that the community could grow further, in a controlled way, by fully embracing that change and deliberately directing it, thereby making LMD the worldwide home of sudoku. There's nothing anywhere that says it can't be both the home of the German Puzzle Association and the home of sudoku on the web.

Is that the correct decision? I don't know. And I'm certainly not going to try to convince the people who own and operate this website that they must do anything. I'm saying it's an option, and that I think it's worth their consideration. Whether they agree is up to them.

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RE: Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour - von DiMono - 30.07.2023, 21:46

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