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Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour
@niverio: I think you miss some crucial points:

The site was never intended for publishing puzzles in the web. There was a group of puzzlers, knowing each other IRL, who created this site to challenge each other with puzzles. Berni has done a great job to implement it (and also some other great features like the contest engine), unfortunately he left the community some years ago. Since it was available for everyone in the WWW the community has grown. When first users joined us, who don't speak German, we started to translate the rules to English on request and people from all over the world joined the community.

At some point another, very large group of users joined us, for whatever reason. They have changed everything here, the netiquette, the main language, the puzzle types and much more. There were many discussions how to deal with it, and we decided just to let it happen.

But the new group also brought some trolls to the community - if you really call this trolling. Now they complain that we don't react enough on them. I don't care about these "trolls". There are many negative things, which came with the new group, which are much more important to me. And I think many old users think similar. If you paid for the membership, you could ask for such services. But it's a small group running this site in their free time. I absolutely don't like that some people have to spend their free time in moderating the comments. It's better to disable the comments at all. Same with the ratings.

You should realize that a small group of users pays for the site (via their LM membership fee) and a large group uses it for free. And the large group caused many problems, which led to a large amount of work for those, who pay for it. This is exactly what is going wrong and nothing else.

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RE: Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour - von Dandelo - 04.03.2023, 14:40

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