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Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour
(08.10.2022, 23:24)uvo schrieb: We have looked into the matter and didn't find any "troll" users who rate hundreds or thousands of puzzles with 1 star.

From our point of view the situation doesn't warrant any action.

Thank you to the mod team for actually taking the time to read the post and engage in this discussion that went on through this week.

With that being said, just this first sentence shows how even the mod team misunderstood the main point of the post completely, which was that long just to make sure the point came across. I said in the original post itself that the user does not give deliberate 1 stars all the time, but instead vary in the range of 1-4 seemingly randomly.
And the core issue was them not solving the puzzles legitimately.
(08.10.2022, 23:24)uvo schrieb: The existence of solving videos or solving tools may allow some users to circumvent that restriction. However, this isn't happening as frequently as it was suggested in this thread ("thousands of puzzles"), not even close.
This statement is just false. You (meaning the entire team, not a personal call out to uvo himself) just checked if the solver rated puzzles with a rating of 1 and called it a day. You didn't even reach out to ask for any indicative observations I (and other users) did have. And almost all of the points I had were about how the solves weren't legitimate, and not really related to their ratings themselves. Which further enhances the fact the mod team deliberately closed their eyes and ears to the real problem.

Which is completely fine. I just hope that this type of decision won't encourage other trolls to surface with the knowledge that if they just put in the most minimalistic effort to stay under the radar, they will be able to get away with any action as long as it is not truly offensive. And as this user continues to wreak havoc on the motivation of many aspiring puzzle setters (I am not even making this statement for my own self, I will continue to publish and solve on this platform with full knowledge that this user will continue their behaviour), I sure hope that many of them will continue to find the mental strength to just ignore his behavior, as the mod team is doing the same and staying willfully ignorant.

(This last paragraph, the points in it I didn't even bring it up before since I wanted the post to remain as neutral and factual as possible).

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RE: Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour - von Niverio - 09.10.2022, 01:01

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