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Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour
(07.10.2022, 18:34)Hausigel schrieb:
(07.10.2022, 18:20)Niverio schrieb: ... when one of my puzzles get a terrible rating...

The lowest rating in your puzzles I could find was 82%, and that one is over a year old. Almost all your puzzles have a much higher rating, very few are below 90%. TERRIBLE RATING? Forgive me for being so blunt, but I find this rating obsession just sick.

I have an idea. Let me modify the rating system so that puzzles are rated only by the authors themselves, nobody else. Users can give themselves the rating they like, everybody happy. Any objections?

Sorry, I should have worded it better. When I said "when one of my puzzles get a terrible rating", I meant a rating given by an individual solver, not the overall rating of the puzzles themselves.
And I only know of this because of the Statistics page that gets updated once per month. And the "terrible rating" I meant were the ones individually given as either 0%, 25% or 50%, to my standards.

With that being clarified, what you are defining as "rating obsession" is just me striving to improve myself both as a setter and solver via feedback and communication with people. And on this website, puzzle ratings are what reflects that improvement the most. (And I value comments in way higher regard than ratings themselves.) Therefore, in my eyes, yes puzzle ratings should mean something. In general, a highly rated puzzle should be expected to have a higher quality than a lower rated one. This is also the standard expectation of a solver browsing through the portal to check which puzzles they would like to attempt or not. And yes, this also means that some puzzles should be rated lower than others, for the ratings to keep their meaning. Yet right now this balance is just being toppled by this one troll who has done this to thousands of puzzles without solving them.

I am really surprised about the tone of the reply itself. If ratings are meaningless to even a moderator of the server, why do they exist?

And a side note: Checking my profile to make this post personal is the wrong way to do it. There are countless setters suffering from this user, not just me. I just happened to be the one setter that decided to take action against them.

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RE: Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour - von Niverio - 07.10.2022, 19:11

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