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Puzzles drawn back
Hm, okay, I'd like to suggest locking this topic. Richard's original question about the withdrawn puzzles has been answered.

Bigger got a chance to explain his personal views on puzzle-making. To sum it up briefly,
- he has no particular fun in puzzle-making,
- he is mainly interested in finding out the limitations of a puzzle type, and
- he wishes to talk to like-minded people about that. Beyond that,
- he doesn't have a particular consideration for the solvers, and  
- he doesn't want people to review/solve his old stuff as that - in his opinion - no longer refects him today.

Our site has a rating system for beauty and difficulty and a large audience that expects the posted puzzles to stay online in the long run for them to solve at a time that fits their own personal schedules. Personally I'm not sure if the site is a good fit for bigger's idea of puzzle-making and -publishing, but that's for him to decide.

Under the existing guidelines of the site, it's within his right to post and withdraw his puzzles whenever he wants, same as it is everyone else's right to have an opinion about his actions or to chose to no longer solve and rate him. Simple as that.

In the end it's a matter of different needs and expectations of different people. As such, I guess there's no need to continue this particular thread.

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