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Looking for tester, Penguin Sudoku
I am looking for a tester for a Sudoko puzzle. If you want to test I'll send you a private message with the URL to the puzzle. The puzzle has 5 star difficulty, I think.


Normal sudoku rules apply. 

There are penguins running around in this sudoku. A clue outside the grid that begins with a P is a penguin clue. If a square has a penguin clue next to it, it means a penguin begins its journey in that square. The clue tells you how many squares the penguins will visit, including the starting square.

A penguin will always move into another square if it is able to. It can only enter a square that is orthogonally connected to the square it is in. (So it never moves diagonally.) A penguin will never enter a square it has already been to.

When choosing between possible squares it can move to, the penguin will choose the square with the smallest number (Because penguins like it cold.) If there are two possible squares with the same smallest number, the penguin prefers moving horizontally (left or right) instead of vertically (up or down.) 

A clue outside the grid that begins with an S is a sandwich clue. A sandwich clue shows the sum of the digits between the 1 and the 2 in that row or column.


[Bild: hYvoCWM.png]

The green squares are the numbers adding up to 9 in the sandwich clue. The red line shows the path of the penguin.
No response. Perhaps I’ll have more luck if I actually post the puzzle. Let’s find out!

[Bild: ecHP5YV.png]
To solve in penpa

If you can solve it, message me the answer.
The puzzle has been tested and uploaded.

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