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Miracle Sudoku
My apologies if this question is in the wrong forum.  I don't speak German and I'm having issues navigating the different topics.

Some time ago I discovered a succinct rule set that allows the creation of a unique miracle sudoku with 0 given digits.  Yep, that's right, a complete blank starting grid.  No digits, no lines, no outside sums, nothing...just completely blank.  There is however one small problem; I can't even begin to solve it  :)

The puzzle allows you to get one digit rather trivially, but after that it is way beyond my level of ability to make any headway into solving it.

So my question is what should I do with it?  At the moment I have two possibilities.  The obvious first one which is to do nothing.  This would be the easiest, although it would pain me to throw away such a rare find.  The other possibility is to run a contest and offer a prize to someone who can find a logical path.  If someone can find a logical path it would be absolutely fantastic, but I think the odds of this are quite slim.  So it might just have the effect of annoying a lot of people.  Also I'm not sure how many people would care in the first place  :)

All thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

Cheers, Tim.
Hi Tim,

congratulations for finding a rule set that allows for a unique solution! In terms of what to do with it, I will compare it to a few irregular Sudoku grids that have been found which allow for a unique solution when you apply the Anti-Kropki rule. I found a few with the help of sudokulab, but I saw no way of solving them and so I ditched them. I also know of a few people over at the CTC Discord including Philip Newman who searched for such grids and tried to solve them, but - as far as I know - they weren't successful.

In my experience, here in the forum there isn't a great deal of people interested in such things. So, I would recommend to join the CTC Discord and ask the same question there. I am sure that you will find a few people willing to search for a solution or to modify a few things to make the puzzle solvable while still staying unique and without givens.

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