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Friday noon puzzles
Hi puzzle friends,

I have good news and bad news for you.
The good news is that since a few months you can solve more puzzles from me if you visit the website of the Dutch Puzzle Association:
The bad news is that I will stop publishing my Friday-noon-puzzles on a regular basis.

As I have mentioned earlier here in the forum, end 2013 we have erected a Dutch Puzzle Association. Since spring of 2014 we have our own website, with two daily puzzles; one for everyone, and another puzzle of the same type that is for 'members only'. I am board member of the association, and also responsible for a part of the puzzles that we publish daily. On average I write the puzzles for 3 days per week, which means 6 puzzles every week. I also enjoy creating puzzles for competitions and championships; This weekend there is the Dutch round of the WPF Sudoku Grand Prix with all puzzles from me, and recently I also have made the Dutch Sudoku Championship 2015 and about half of the puzzles for the German Sudoku Championship 2015. All in all it has been too busy, so I have decided to stop with the Friday noon puzzles, at least on a regular basis. I will see how that works, and if I have time and inspiration, I won't hesitate to publish on an irregular basis.

I advise you all to visit the mentioned website of the Dutch puzzle association at Friday Noon, so you can have puzzles to solve in the weekend. The puzzles that we publish for everyone are available for about 10 days, so you can pick one or more puzzles to solve from the site. (You can recognise my puzzles by the abbreviation RS in the name of the .pdf.)

The Sudoku Variants Series will continue here in the portal, so you don't have to miss me completely. Smile

I wish you all a lot of puzzle fun and a happy 2015!


BTW: Don't forget to take part in the Sudoku Grand Prix. It starts tomorrow at noon. Here is the link to the website:
Ohhhh, dann ist Freitag ja nicht mehr "Richard-Tag"  Upsidedown.

Aber ich hab mir die Seite der   "Dutch Puzzle Association" gleich als Favorit abgespeichert  Balloon.
Richard, I think after the many years you have shared your puzzles with us and especially after this splendid work of yours and Arvid in december hardly anybody can blame you for this decision. And it surely is important you take part in shaping the puzzle world a bit as a board member of your association.
Hello Richard,
I always wondered why "the land where the puzzles came from" (in my eyes - for my first puzzle books all came from the Netherlands) do not have their own website, championships, puzzle weekends... So it's great to see it happen now! Why should it matter "where" the puzzles are located, in the Portal or elsewhere? - By the way - do you make all of the puzzles on the website?? Two ones every day?? Or are there other authors, and I just don't see?

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