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Using ChatGPT to set sudoku puzzles.
(13.03.2023, 09:42)heard schrieb: I checked the sudokus and both are not solvable in my opinion.

In the first one it is easy to see that in the block on the bottom-right side the 7 has to be placed in column 7 row 8. Then the 8 has only two possibilities at column 9 row 7 or column 9 row 8. On both places there is no adjacent 7 possible, so this rule breaks.

The second one for sure is not unique, because you can choose with which odd or even number you fill in to the given "E" and "O". Also the orientation of the blocks is not clear. I tried to solve it, but it got no valid solution mostly because of the knight's move.

Thanks for giving them a shot. I was afraid of that. I wonder why it can't set them correctly. I thought it could be a pretty neat and fun way to make your own sudoku puzzles but I guess we will have to wait for GPT4 and try again. There are quite a few things that I have noticed GPT3 thinks it can do but then fails. It gets coding correct sometimes but other times it doesn't work right. 

There is still a chance to get it to work as you can always tell it the puzzle isn't solvable or explain to it what is wrong and it will try to correct itself but I'm not sure any amount of this would get it to set sudoku puzzles correctly or not. Disappointed for now, but I'm sure we will get there. In the meantime, I'm going to try to learn how to set them manually as it seems like fun. 

By the way, if you ask Bing chat to set one since it has access to the internet, it uses a Sudoku setting from some website instead of doing it itself. lol.

Thanks again for the response!

- Mortius

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RE: Using ChatGPT to set sudoku puzzles. - von Mortius - 13.03.2023, 21:12

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