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New puzzle creator
Hello All,

Because I do not speak german, I will post in English. I recently found an interest in the creation of sudokus, however I would prefer to create sudokus with constraints and a form of intelligence.

On Logic masters I found many puzzles with barely any digets given at the start o the puzzle, for which a specific path is necessary to solve the sudoku. I was wondering, what is the best approach to create such puzzles? Is it top-down, start with a solution and back track your way through the puzzle, or do you start blank and work your way up. All tips to get me started are much appreciated.
Hello Twan2797,
I already looked yesterday for a good answer to your good question. That means, I searched for it here in the forum, because I know the right ideas and thoughts about this topic have already been discussed here.
Somewhere. Sometime. But I can't find it.
Maybe I will remember correctly, who was part of this discussion. Or someone else gives the right links. Or we start this topic here anew  Square .
And: Many of us can understand a good part Dutch, but certainly English is more useful for the international communication here  Smile .
For some reason I wrote in english and it changed to dutch, no clue how. I have translated it to english now.

I searched the forums as well, as I thought it must've been discussed previously, however no result either. I look forward to create a new discussion on this.
I usually start from a blank grid and that is the recommended method if you want this kind of "linear logical flow" and limited clues. However, there is one exception: if you know that there are very limited solutions, you should either start building towards a specific solution you know or make sure there is a solution left at every step (e.g. by using a solver). Non-Consecutive is an example for a constraint that is very hard to accomplish for a full grid without such tricks.

In general, you can write whole books about this topic. A good recommendation is "Puzzlecraft" by Thomas Snyder and Mike Selinker. The original printed version seems to be out of stock and very expensive, but I remember that there was a revised digital version with additional chapters available here:
There are also a lot of setter videos out there nowadays where they build a puzzle from scratch or revise their ideas.
(18.08.2022, 07:38)Twan2797 schrieb: All tips to get me started are much appreciated.

I maintain a list of videos by setters on how to set puzzles: HTS a Killer Sudoku | Setting the Sudoku #1 HIS Sudoku - Clover HIS Sudoku: Lucy Audrin HIS The Miracle Square Sudoku HIS Sudoku: Aspartagcus How To Create A Sudoku Puzzle (aka Making A Sandwich!) HTS A Classic Sudoku: Valtari by shye HIS Sudoku: zetamath How To Create A Sudoku Puzzle How To Create A Sudoku Masterpiece HTS A Sudoku: DiMono Explains HIS Sudoku - Tyrgannus Speaks! HIS a difficult classic Sudoku! HTS a Pencil Puzzle: Airlocks by Gliperal zetamath sets a sudoku puzzle LIVE jovi_al sets a classic live Smile Setting a Thermo/Kropki Pair in around 50 Minutes Setting the Nov 24 2021 GAS: Quad Max zetamath sets a sudoku puzzle LIVE collaborative setting HIS logic puzzles (Cave) Setting a Variant Sudoku - Blobz HIS Sudoku: Tallcat HIS Variant Sudoku: Telephone Collaborative Sudoku Setting Setting the Sudoku (A playlist of 5 videos by Peter C. Hayward) zetamath sets a sudoku LIVE (MIA) Setting Stream 0: Fever Dream How I Set Sudoku: Lerroyy Creating an Approachable Puzzl

By the way, if anyone knows of a video that isn't on the list but ought to be, please send me a link!
Thanks for all the tips! I will definitely look at the book and the YouTube links.

I am happy to share I just published my first sudoku made Smile

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