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4 Seasons Cup Winter Test - L'alphabet du NO - Fred76 - 21.02.2011

Hi sudokufriends,

You are warmly invited to participate in "L'alphabet du NO", a sudoku test organized by french champion Sylvain Caudmont aka sisi59 and hosted by ffsudoku.com.

The test will be open during 3 full days, from friday 4 to sunday 6 march and will last 2 hours / 120 minutes. All booklets will be available in english version so that you won't need to learn french during the coming two weeks.

For more informations, you can have a look at this page : http://ffsudoku.com/coupe_des_4_saisons_2011_hiver_en.html.
Also, a forum has just been created. If you have some questions, don't hesitate to ask.

The test is also part of the 4 Seasons Cup, a new formula which we are experiencing. More informations about it will come in a few days.

Here is a link to the instruction booklet (english version).

[Bild: banniere_coupe_4_saisons_hiver.png]