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evtl. Online-Veranstaltung 2021 statt einer WSPC - Druckversion

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evtl. Online-Veranstaltung 2021 statt einer WSPC - CHalb - 14.04.2021

Nachdem WSC und WPC auch dieses Jahr von der WPF abgesagt worden sind gibt es nun Überlegungen stattdessen eine Veranstaltung online zu organisieren. Auf der Facebook-Seite der WPF findet ihr einen Aufruf des neuen WPF-Directors Matus Demiger nach Meinungen und Ideen zu solch einer Veranstaltung.

Ihr könnt eure Gedanken dazu hier oder auf Facebook oder an Matus per Email (siehe bitte unten) oder freilich an vorstand@logic-masters.de schicken.
Hier der Originaltext des Aufrufs, wie er uns per Email erreicht hat:

The members welcomed the prospect of the online event during the meeting. So we decided to collect as many ideas from the public as possible and the committee consisting of me, Anthea McMillan and, Tawan Sunathvanichkul will select the best ones and propose several options for the GA to vote for within one month.

Feel free to express your thoughts before April 19th. You may get inspired by these follow-up questions as well. Please keep in mind the time zones so that most of the competitors feel comfortable.

1) How many days should the online event last?
2) What structure of the rounds or tournaments do you consider the best? (number of rounds, duration, the difficulty of puzzles, side competitions)
3) Can you think of ideas that might distinguish this online event from the regular WPF GP contests?
4) What do you think about the potential qualification, official/unofficial participants, and team competition?
5) What side events would you like to have besides solving?
6) Are you aware of some effective ways to avoid cheating or sharing the puzzles during the contest?
7) Do you want to be involved in the preparations? If yes, how?

Do not hesitate to share this email with those who might be interested, especially the players and members of our community. They may contact me by email at demiger@worldpuzzle.org