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Rätsel ins Deutsche übersetzen? - Gliperal - 31.10.2020

Ich habe einige Rätsel, die ich einreichen möchte, aber ich spreche kein Deutsch. Ist dies ein guter Ort, um um Hilfe beim Übersetzen zu bitten?

(I have some puzzles I would like to submit, but I don't speak German. Is this a good place to ask for help with translating?)

RE: Rätsel ins Deutsche übersetzen? - Dandelo - 31.10.2020

Yes, but you can leave the German page empty. It would be replaced by the English one and this is sufficient since we all understand English. And if you ask for a translation in the comments, you probably will get it very soon.

Or you can just use Google Translate. It has become really good. Of course we have some terms, which have different meaning in puzzle context than elsewhere. Here it might make mistakes, but they would easily be corrected by the solvers in the comments.

The problem with the forum is, that it hasn't as much readers as the portal. And they are here less often than in the portal.