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RE: Beginners Contest - Bogdan121982 - 19.06.2020

(08.06.2020, 19:03)Domestic hedgehog schrieb: The competition is over, thank you for participating. I was very happy that there were many names among the participants that I did not know at all (or only from Sudoku circles). If necessary, you will find the solution file in the appendix.


The contest is over, thank you for your participation. I was very glad to read many names I did not know (or only from Sudoku circles) among the participants. If needed, you will find the solution file attached.

Hello! Would you like to continue? Both the Classics Collection on blog and this kind of contests? They are quite entertaining and for me,  a beginner, this was a way to learn to solve some types of puzzles I did not knew or did not tried before.

RE: Beginners Contest - Hausigel - 20.06.2020

Hello Bogdan,
the Classics Collection is supposed to continue, and there will likely be another Beginners Contest. Some of the puzzles are already finished, but I fell behind with my blog postings due to some other (non-puzzle-related) issues.