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Normale Version: Grey cell sum of two digits, need tester
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I am looking for a tester for a sudoku puzzle. 4 star difficulty?

Rules: Normal sudoku rules apply.

A digit in a grey cell is part of a string of 3 digits in a straight line, going either horizontally or vertically. (Not diagonally.) The digit in the grey cell is always at the start or end of the string, never in the middle. The digit in the grey cell is the sum of the other two digits in the string.

All possible grey cells are given.

[Bild: v6tThXu.png]

The puzzle:
[Bild: IxTFj8i.png]
Solve in penpa.
I have solved it (45 min + ca 15 min), but at some points I've made 'obvious' steps without proving them. My feeling is: "It is uniquely solvable!" But I wouldn't guarantee this.
BTW, interesting rule set, nice puzzle. In fact it was not easy, but after understanding the rules and their consequences it is easier than 4 stars IMO.
Thank you. I would like to have to have the steps proven though, so I'm still looking for a tester.