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PuzzleFountain PDF monthly competition - january 2011
Ja, stimmt. Ich habe Alberto geschrieben und er hat meine Ergebnisse nachgetragen.
Hallo Susie,

I've checked and, yes, you have exactly 1 minute and 52 seconds ovestepped the deadline. And I've checked simulating the situation you described, but without the same result.
Answers are adjourned only if you click on "submit" and not if you close the page or anything else.
The only possible idea is that the submit button was active and you unintentionally press enter or space while closing the window (this is the same as clicking on a button).

Sorry, for the moment I have no other ideas. :-)

(18.01.2011, 22:39)alberto schrieb: Sorry, for the moment I have no other ideas. :-)

Hi Alberto,

I think, I had the same problem: I was SURE to press the button before the countdown has ended but I also have some time-penalties. I don't mind but I think it is an systematically error.

But I have to thank you for the nice contest. I enjoyed it very much!

Greetings: Jörg
Thank you Jörg for your confirm.
I will try to eliminate the (very probably) bug.

For the moment please accept my apologies.

(19.01.2011, 13:36)alberto schrieb: For the moment please accept my apologies.

No problem. You're welcome Smile

Alberto, thank you very much for the contest. Normally i dont like solve puzzles with using pc, because i am not good at it, and i like so much paper than any technological devices or something. But i try to solve anyway, and in this time it was good for me. Thank you very much for holding each week the classic puzzle contest. This is good practice for everyone.


Thank you for this contest.

It would be nice to see something like a marker next to a puzzle name on the left, when I already submitted an answer for this puzzle. So I dont have to click through all of them to search for not yet solved ones.

Is it possible to see the puzzles or our solutions after the contest again to be able to find our mistakes?

Competition #5 is announced.
28-30 january 2011.
24 applets (2 news) in 90 minutes.

(25.01.2011, 15:25)alberto schrieb: Enjoy!


Oh yes, I will Love

Thank you very much!

Thank's for another nice contest.

I recognized some strange behaviour of the applet: When I tried to delete a color in the Kropki applet all numbers in the left column remain there.
Also I have some feature requests which would really help me: For puzzles like Kropki, Labyrinth and others it would be cool if I could delete one field by pressing space. It sometimes happens that I make a small mistake and enter a wrong number in a field. Now deleting it is only possible when I use another color... But as I don't know the correct number at this time I have to delete it if I don't want to make mistakes later.
Also it would be cool if there would be a possibility to undo the deletion of one color. This time it happened 2 or 3 times that I accidentally deleted my whole puzzle only a few numbers before finishing it because I made an error with the last numbers and wanted to delete it and chose the wrong color.
A perfect (but probably also complex) addition would be a candidate list in the fields where you can enter all possible entries.




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