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Tapa Variations Contests
(05.03.2010, 11:38)flooser schrieb: Unfortunately, I cannot participate in the Tapa Variations Contest tomorrow.
I wish all participants good luck and fun with the puzzles Wink
Same goes for me, I'm at a birthday party, probably without internet.
So I will enjoy the puzzles a bit later. Smile
Good luck!
That's a pity because one of you two should have won this contest. And now we won't know if it's possible to solve all puzzles in time Wink
It wasn't, at least for me Smile
Great puzzles again! Thanks a lot to all the authors and organisators! And I hope, in the Kit Kat a "W" is OK for the hole in the bottom grid; or rather "T" for table Wink?
Wink Not for me either. I had (and have) no clue for Tape Kit Kat and Tapa Distiller. Don't know why puzzles with more than one grid are so hard for me...
My starting point for Kit Kat was:
A can be neither directly above C (because the 22 would carry over) nor directly below C (the combination of 1111 and 4 becomes impossible). Similarly, A can't be directly above B (because of the 4) or directly below B (1111 and 12). Therefore, A must be either top or bottom grid, with D directly below/above it.
When I guessed correctly that holes in the bottom grid can't be painted black (I should have asked before, but forgot), the puzzle was no more difficult.

Distiller, however, was a lot of trial and error for me.
Ok, this extra condition was missing for me. Now I'm curious, if it's possible to solve it without that hint.
Gulce & Serkan, thanks again for the great puzzles. This was best tapa variation test, I'll miss you and this saturday's competitions. It's a pity for Florian and Philip if they are really missed this competition.

Thanks to all competitors, results can be viewed:

The top three are as follows:
1. Ulrich Voigt (Germany)
2. Andrey Bogdanov (Russia)
3. Przemyslaw Debiak (Poland)

Congratulations to Ulrich Voigt, monthly results will be published soon.
This was a fun ride. We are very pleased and rather exhausted from this four-week study. We hope you enjoyed the contests as much as we did. We believe Tapa deserved a round of inspection.

Congratulations to Nikola Zivanovic, 2010 Tapa Master. He not only spared time for every contest, he also scored high, consistently so. These demand love and talent for puzzles, suiting for a master. He will be receiving his plaque in the mail.
Cumulative results are located at

Stay tuned for our next series.

Gülce Özkütük & Serkan Yürekli

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