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Tapa Variations Contests
(13.02.2010, 18:41)flooser schrieb: Thank you for this nice contest!
I liked these variants a lot and there was also no mistake in the contest Wink.
In my opinion, Irregular Tapa and Combiation Tapa were the best puzzles (although I didn't find any solution for Combination Tapa during the contest)
In the first half our, I managed to solve 8 puzzles (all the easier ones) and then I had big problems with Sudoku Tapa and Combination Tapa (which were the hardest puzzles of this contest, I think). And of course, I didn't even look at the optimizer Biggrin.
All in all, this was the best Tapa contest, I have ever seen in my life.


You are welcome. Im enjoying as much as the competitors.

Yes i know, it is hard to realize the solution paths in the Tapa Sudoku quickly. I like that variant so much, thanks to Jan M.

Combination Sudoku was a little bit huge. After making the puzzle I thought i shouldnt do it that size, but all combination of clues from 1 to 5 (except 2/4) is placed symettrically, so i couldnt exclude the puzzle.

Yes, i know how many puzzles you solved anytime during the contest, because of site designing. We can observe all answers during the contest. It is really fun Smile

Making these contest series is harder than OAPCSmile I had to make puzzles of the TVC I in 1 day, we couldnt check all puzzles perfectly and that caused some mistakes.

We'll upload a table to our forum, including cumulative points of two weeks.

(13.02.2010, 21:27)Realshaggy schrieb: Was there a problem with the solution code for the Japanese sums? Almost nobody seems to have points here (including me), but for me it was the easiest of the puzzles and my sheet looks right.

11 competitors sent answers to that puzzle and 7 of them got points. Your answer is missing one of the three rows.
Damn :-(
Contest has ended, thanks to all competitors. The top three are as follows:
1- Ulrich Voigt (Germany)
2- Florian Kirch (Germany)
3- Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia)

Congratulations to Ulrich, full results can be viewed:

The top three competitors' points are so close to each other, this is nice for a competition.

(13.02.2010, 17:58)pwahs schrieb: Ah, I remembered the competition a bit late. When I started solving (in Paint, so I dont have to go to the printer), 15 min were already gone.

I especially enjoyed the Combination Tapa, unfortunately I solved it to late to submit it. For the 3/4-Tapa, Paint was quite useful, I could just move one puzzle over another. Smile

And as far as I have seen, no mistakes this time. Smile Thanks for those wunderful puzzles.

Cool method for solving Smile 15 min/75 min is so much, but i think your result is very good despite the late start.
Cumulative results for the winner of the month can be viewed:

Also we'll take a one-week break for the next contest, considering the puzzle solving event in Gehau.
(14.02.2010, 17:07)yureklis schrieb: Also we'll take a one-week break for the next contest, considering the puzzle solving event in Gehau.
That's great!! RolleyesSmileBiggrin
The instruction of TVC III file is now published on OAPC website. The contest will be held on 27 February 2010, 15:30 GMT.

* The puzzle file will not contain examples, so please keep the instruction file.
Strange ideas this time. (Please take this as a complimentSmile.)
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