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Tapa Variations Contests
I have made the same "mistake" as Philipp, but I have solved the Math Tapa during the 5 extra minutes and had not enough time to enter the solution.

You can check all results:

Congratulations to Florian Kirch. He got 710/800 points except the optimizer points. Winner of the Tapa Variations I is Florian Kirch. And next saturday we will see the winner of second.

Also every points you get it is important. Because each week your points will transfer with having multiplied by a ratio and end of the 4 contest we can see the winner. Transfered points will be published in another table and you can look at OAPC Forum.

The top three are as follows:

1- Florian Kirch
2- Sebastian Matschke
3- Nikola Zivanovic
Würde gerne nachraten, kann mir jemand, gerne auch per pn, das Passwort schicken?

Danke im Voraus

Und Glückwunsch wieder mal an die aufstrebende Jugend, top Ergebnisse, wohin man schaut, bin stolz auf Euch

The contest file is now available to download without password restriction.
many thanks for this fast reaction,

have a nice weekend,

Thank you for the nice contest and all the new tapa variations!
Although there were some mistakes in the puzzles, it is always a great pleasure to solve tapas Smile.
I also didn't understand correctly the rules of Math Tapa (I interpretated them the same way as pwahs did) , but luckily I had the right solution codeBiggrin.
After I found no solution for Knapp daneben Tapa and had this problem with Math Tapa not being unique, I could hardly believe that I still finished first place...
(07.02.2010, 00:35)HaSe schrieb: Und Glückwunsch wieder mal an die aufstrebende Jugend, top Ergebnisse, wohin man schaut, bin stolz auf Euch
Naja, ich muss mich bei unseren jungen Wilden ja fast entschuldigen, dass ich den deutschen Schnitt erheblich senkeWink.
The instruction of TVC II file is now published on OAPC website. The contest will be held on 13 February 2010, 14:41 GMT. The page has a synch problem with the clock, the countdown will be adjusted to the real time.

* The puzzle file will not contain examples, so please keep the instruction file.
What does "pencilmark" mean in puzzles 3 and 6?
(11.02.2010, 15:42)CHalb schrieb: What does "pencilmark" mean in puzzles 3 and 6?

It means that possibilities of some numbers which may be placed in the cell for Sudoku and/or Japanese Sum.

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