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A few questions:
1. In the HTML for my puzzle, am I allowed to use an iframe element to embed the f-puzzles app version of the puzzle directly into the puzzle page, instead of (or in addition to) giving an external link to it?

2. The (translated) rules for the "Dominoes" tag say "A complete set of dominoes should somehow bear relevance for the puzzle." My current puzzle is based around two-cell killer cages, but I'm not sure what is meant by "complete set?"

2a. (on a related note, Google translates the title "Domino Knights" [so named because it's an Anti-Knight sudoku that uses domino-shaped Killer cages] as either "Domino Ritter," "Domino Springer," or "Domino Pferd." Which of these would be the best title for a puzzle based on the Chess knight's moveset?)

3. This may not be the right forum for this sort of issue, but my user control panel gives an error when I try to change my avatar, saying the URL is invalid. Is there a whitelist of approved image-hosting domains, or does it only accept Gravatar addresses or something?
I don't know about 1 and 3, but I can answer 2 and 2a:

2. A complete set of dominoes means, that for a number n, every set {x, y} of numbers x, y <= n appears (exactly once) as a domino pair. It should be used for puzzles like domino search (see, there you can also find a complete domino set for n=2). If you just use standard two-cell killer cages in a sudoku, you shouldn't use this tag.

2a. The best translation for the chess knight is "Springer" (one can also say "Pferd" to the chess piece, but it's less common). "Ritter" is the direct translation of "knight", but it has nothing to do with chess. Smile
1: I think we don't allow general-purpose HTML, since that can break everything on the site if one tries hard enough. A small set of HTML-tags are explicitly allowed (b, i, img), iframes definitely shouldn't be.

3. I never tried to set an avatar, but I just looked into it. The settings page says "The maximum allowed size of an avatar image is 1x1 pixel." In other words, somebody decided that we don't do that here :-)

Re 2: "Springer" also sounds best to me.
I also want to voice my opinion that the title should indicate the puzzle type as part of it, in your case "Sudoku", but I am aware that this ship has long sailed.
Re 2: The title isn't translated, so I'd suggest to use 'knight' in the title.
And I think even in the German text 'Anti-Knight' is best. Many puzzle types have a universal name, from Japanese, English, German, Polish etc., and translating would cause more problems than it would help.
And I agree that "sudoku" must be a part of the title (as well as the rules must be complete).

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