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Interwoven - testers welcome
Hi all,

I would like to present to you my second puzzle which uses standard Arrow rules. This took me a long time to set as the main idea behind it changed completely during development.
I would really appreciate any feedback as I am unsure about the difficulty level of the puzzle. I can formulate a solve-path but I fear that if the central method is not found then the solution will resemble too much to bifurcation. It is also entirely possible that I've overlooked a much simpler approach that quickly resolves it and would make the puzzle very easy.

Please try it out and have fun with it!

Puzzle (in CtC app)
Hi Sabrar,

this seems to be a very clever setup for a puzzle. A good place to test puzzles and get feedback on Sudoku puzzles ist the "Cracking the Cryptic Discord (CTC Fan Server)".

Greetings Raumplaner
Thank you for the feedback! I'm not a big fan of discord but I might try that.
You also can publish it here in the portal. You should test it yourself and you should be quite sure that it isn't broken. But it's not necessary to have a perfect evaluation in advance.

The blue stars give a rough estimation by the author, e.g to avoid that beginners try a very hard puzzle by mistake. But the users decide, not the author. Just leave it as 'medium' and wait. And if someone writes "3 stars??" just ignore it.

It's maybe a good idea to publish it and write something about the intended path in the hidden comments. Then some solvers in hidden comments will agree or describe their different solution paths. In the text you also can give the hint that there exists a logical solving path and no bifurcation is needed.
Thank you for the advice!
I've tested the puzzle extensively and wrote down my solve-path before posting to make sure it works and that I can recreate the steps if needed. My break-in has a lot of small steps that do not lead to big conclusions right away, rather the individual deductions combine to give a result later. I can publish it if it would help, I would also like to know if it can be done in some simpler way.
E.g. for such discussions on the solving path we have the hidden comments.
I am not familiar with the site and don't know where to find the hidden comments... Maybe they are too well hidden?  Smile
If you publish a puzzle, there will be a possibility to write comments, for anyone. Alao readable by anyone.
But you also can write hidden comments, which are only readable by the author and the successful solvers. Here they can discuss e.g. the solving path without spoilers for the others. And all solvers can read their own hidden comments and the author can change them, so a dialog is possible, again without creating spoilers
Took me some time to figure out the portal but it's up now.

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