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Minimization Type Optimizers

Most of the optimization puzzles appear as maximization type puzzles and we can see rarely minimization type optimization puzzles. There was one in the last Open German Optimizing Championship namely Triangles (and also a part of the Monster Puzzle: Pentominos). Also there were four in the first Open German Optimizing Championship namely Mirrored Lasers, Minimal Distances, Pentominos and Squares. It is obvious that the percentage of the minimization type puzzles in the whole optimization puzzles is very small. I think the maximization puzzles make puzzlers more happy. The result you've obtained for
the puzzle increases and linearly the final points you earned also grows up. This may be a psychological reason and may have a small effect on the establishment of optimization puzzles mostly as maximization typeRolleyes What do you think about it? Any suggestions?


I assume, there is a psychical and a mathematical effect (may be the same ?).
Psychical (that's not my profession!) effect belongs to associativities with
descendig down to cellars, caves, pits and mines, where it's cold and narrow - or instead with
ascending hills, mountains, visit points, where it's free and solved.
Mathematical effect belongs to theory of sequences, that's a row of figures with a build-up law for next figure.
If the sequence is decreasing, there is a statistically higher chance for an absolute limit. Puzzle authors like to avoid this.
May be there exists the Law of Diminishing puzzle results for minimizer ?!? Wink

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