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Hints and/or analyses in the portal.
This discussion started in the comments to Sudoku (nightmare) The author gave an important hint after some time. I think here is a better place for this.

I can't understand why people are changing the puzzles after a few days. Both ratings are useless after adding a hint.

If there is mistake, it's ok. But just because of the small number of users? You don't know how many users have solved it without registering.

But if some authors often change their puzzles (by adding hints) I will ignore their puzzles in future. If you want the users to notice the intended solution path, why not to describe it in a hidden comment?

I think generally such analyses (and maybe even such puzzles) are not suited best for the portal. It would be perfect for the NED, our (printed) club magazine, which is fallen asleep in the past years. This would be the right place IMO. We have so many new authors here, so many discussions. There would be enough material to revitalise the NED, I suppose.
In particular, I previously published five Sudoku puzzles by my friend 胡蒙汀(Hu Mengting) (00046K, 00046V, 000473, 00046K, 000474, 00048U, the puzzles were made a few years ago, and they are all customized around the intuitive skills of Sk-Loops),  All have a common feature, that is, the use of the candidate number problem-solving technique Sk-Loops, (, in the discussion area is also recorded.  But for ordinary puzzle players, they may not have the patience to understand such a complicated solution, so this time I concentrated on the website for publishing. I want to let everyone understand this solution through relatively intuitive observation methods, nothing more.  (There are many puzzle lovers in China who are keen to interpret the Sk-Loops, Msls and other solutions. This is just one of the condensed results of the research. It was first proposed in China a few years ago by 邱言哲(Qiu Yanzhe),胡蒙汀 (Hu Mengting), etc.), although it appeared in the official  The possibility of competition is very small. As a special structure and special observation idea of Sudoku, it can still be recommended to Sudoku lovers.

 Regarding the issue of publishing problems, why not directly increase the problem-solving prompts, mainly due to language barriers. Portal site mapping, editing, text editing, and publishing are all recently step-by-step under the guidance of kind netizens.  So I didn't master some basic editing modes when I posted the puzzle.  After publishing for a period of time, I found that some puzzles have a low completion rate and a low average score rate (or even no score). In addition to the dense publishing of puzzles on the website, the puzzles are quickly squeezed to the back row and not seen. I think it should be  Many players may not find the common problem-solving skills of these several puzzles, so they decide to add problem-solving tips instead of adding problem-solving tips while publishing the puzzles.

 So: if the five problems released can be seen by some people and they understand this special problem-solving technique and observation technique, then it will be fine.

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