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Variable Difficulties?
I'm crafting a Sudoku variant and I'm torn on how difficult to make it.

I know different users prefer different levels of challenge.

With 17 givens, it's possible, but probably frustrating. (4 Star)
with just 1 additional given its still interesting, but significantly easier. (2-3 Star)
Obviously both versions have the same solution.

Is there a recommended way to publish two versions of the same puzzle into the database?

A) Publish the hard version and include a link to a hint: "Place a 5 in r3c8"
B) Include both versions on the same page, and allow the user to scroll down to the easy version if desired
C) Publish both puzzles separately, with different titles, but a shared solution 
D) Something else.

How do other authors typically handle this on Logic Masters?
I think in your special case I would try to decide how "frustrating" the more difficult version is. Can the solving path with 17 givens still be found with reasonable effort? If Yes, I'd be clearly for the difficult version and only the difficult version. But this question can't be answered objectively, since every solving path might include steps, that are obvious or at least good visible for some solvers and others need T&E to come somehow to the needed conclusion.

I would not choose your option C  and publish them both in the Logic Masters portal. The rating of difficulty and beauty by the solvers would be influenced between the two puzzles and thus not be as clear as normal. A and B (or e.g. placing the hint in very small and at first sight unreadable letters) would lead to a similar problem, since it would not be clear from looking at the rating, which of the two puzzles had been solved by the solvers. But of course rating is not the most important thing in the world. And I choose the variant with small letters in case of a mystery part of a puzzle.
I agree with Christian. But on the other hand you could take the easier version, permute the numbers, apply some possible permutations of boxes and rows and columns and finally reflect it on the main diagonal.

The result would be an isomorphic puzzle, but no one would notice this, if you publish them both.
I also don't like the idea of multiple versions of the same puzzle. If I had a puzzle, that I would consider "frustrating", I would probably post the easy version and a hint/warning "if you're in for a challenge, remove clue X". But I would do that only, if I don't known a logical path, but still could verify a unique solution. On the other hand, I would probably not create something like that anyway because I would not do the required T&E in the creation process.
Thanks for all the feedback.

It doesn't makes sense for this specific case, but I like Dandelo's idea of using an isomorphic puzzle to provide multiple difficulties in the future, if that isn't frowned upon.

I'll probably just release the harder version, as is, since there is a logical path that doesn't require T&E.

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