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Next SVS-puzzle will be published on 27 August
I don't like sudokus too much, but I don't see this as a problem. If we hadn't all these sudokus, but the same number of other puzzles, the rate would be better, sure, but I see no advantage.
My first reaction was pretty much the same: Sudoko aren't my favorite, but I take them over the large number of "Folgen" any day, and I'm reaching a point where those make up the biggest chunk of the puzzles I have yet to solve.

On the other hand I can imagine that Richard as the creator of the Sudoku in question is interested in getting some feedback, and if people are flooded with too many Sudoku at a time, it will take longer until his are being solved and given feedback to. (and possibly might be given slightly less positive responses due to over-saturation)
Richard, I think you should absolutely publish your puzzles without regard for what others are putting out there. Smile

If it makes you feel better about it, I'll try to publish some left-over puzzles from my stash.
I also have mixed feelings, but I'm not exactly sure, what I'm worried about. It's not like these Sudokus take the place of another puzzle. Unless people feel discouraged to post, because there are already so many new puzzles. But we had around 10-15 puzzles per month for the most part of last year, and this is including the 2 SVS Sudokus. I think we have at least this amount now and a lot of additional Sudokus. Some of the new people who started with Sudokus also started to make other puzzles.

Also I like Sudokus and almost all contributions are very good, and there are some real gems in there and new ideas that I really enjoyed. Some puzzles have a questionable layout that could easily be improved, but this is also nothing new. We had a lot of different "phases" in the portal, and who knows when this slows down again and what comes next. If one really doesn't like Sudokus and the remaining puzzles in the portal, there is no lack of handcrafted puzzles anymore these days like it was 12 years ago when the portal was new.

Whatever happens, I don't think another Sudoku every two weeks will have a negative impact. And there should be more than enough ideas for several more years.
I don't completely agree with Joe Average's argumentation. The flood of sudokus also attracts other people. At least in the long run, I suppose, there will be more SVS solvers than without them.

And some of the sudokus are really outstanding good. They are highlights in the portal.

And don't forget: We decided to start the DJSM to attract young solvers by sudokus and maybe later generate their interest in other puzzle types. Now the portal does exactly the same, without any additional work for us, just by its own dynamics. So we should be happy and try to win the new people for the LM club. The Germans of course, but why not the other ones.
All right,
Thanks for your feedback.

For me things have changed during the last years; I am much more involved in our own Dutch puzzle association then I was a few years ago, and I can spend my time only once. This means I have not so much time available to do other puzzle related things apart from maintaining the WCPN-website and organising the Dutch Championships together with the other board members.

Still I feel very much connected to LM Germany and the portal, so I have decided to publish the SVS puzzles at two places at the same time; they will appear on the website of WCPN (and stay there only for two weeks; members receive them in our monthly magazine after the month is over) and in the portal here at the same time. Since SVS is a unique project, I like to continue it here. On the website of WCPN I will provide a link to the SVS; many Dutch players don't even now SVS exists, so they have the whole series waiting for them, and they can solve other portal puzzles as well.

The puzzles on our website appear in increasing difficulty during the week. Monday the easiest one, Friday the hardest. It is very likely that the SVS puzzles will appear on different days from now on, so it's not fixed on Tuesdays.

I have enough ideas to keep going for a while; let's see how long it will take.

Best regards, Richard
Thanks a lot for continuing, dear Richard

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