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Puzzle Grand Prix 2018
Hier nun auch für die puzzles der Aufruf der WPF. Die Zusagefrist bis zum 10. Dezember ist ziemlich kurz. Also wenn ihr grundsätzlich Lust habt, melder euch bitte rasch.

Length of round - 90 minutes. Set of Puzzles - 1.
The expectation is that the top solvers should finish in 90 minutes. The composition of the rounds should be as follows:
Each round will consist of a variety of puzzles, of different difficulties.
~30% of the round will consist of puzzles that have very simple rulesets that any solver can understand and approach, without requirement of a WPC background. The puzzles must still observe culture and language neutrality as is the case in a WPC.

~40% of the round will consist of some selections from the 70 or so most commonly encountered “WPC-style” puzzle types. These puzzle types are usually called “classics” or “evergreens” at the World Puzzle Championship. The puzzles are usually on a grid and require the solver to write information in the grid subject to given information and logical constraints.  The rules for the puzzle types will be familiar to most WPC veteran competitors.

~30% will consist of puzzles that a competitor might encounter at a modern World Puzzle Championship (“WPC-style”).  The puzzles are usually on a grid and require the solver to write information in the grid subject to given information and logical constraints.  They can often consist of new types or new variations, and may be harder than the puzzles comprising the remainder of the round.

The Puzzle GP Director will be following the descriptions above strictly this year, especially the first section of simple rule-sets, where there shouldn't be more than two simple sentences in the rules. The WPF envisions this to be a good solution towards encouraging newer solvers which is a core value of the GP.

As with the Sudoku GP, an added note is that the Instruction Booklet will typically be published on the GP website 7 days before the tournament and that it cannot be published elsewhere before this is done.
Den Zeitplan für den Puzzle und den Sudoku Grand Prix 2018 findet ihr nun auf
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Michael Ley zum Erreichen beider Offline-Finales im Puzzle- und im Sudoku-GP und an Robert Vollmert zum Erreichen des Finales im Puzzle-GP!

(Philipp hat im Puzzle-GP auf Platz 19 noch Außenseiterchancen, aber da müssen schon sehr viele vor ihm liegende Teilnehmer absagen.)

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