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Eighth Serbian Open Championship in Solving Optimizing Puzzles
Dear puzzlers,

The Eighth Serbian Open Championship in Solving Optimizing Puzzles will be held from December 18th till 28th. There will be one round with four puzzles. You can download the puzzles from tonight around 9 PM CET. All are welcome to participate. Good luck!


Thanks for nice set of puzzles Smile The grid sizes are big enough so we can see too many different solutions for each individual task Rolleyes Unfortunately I'm very busy in these days. But I hope I may try some arrangements for each task in the weekend. By the way I want to ask 2 questions about the puzzles:

1) In puzzle 3 can same pentominoes touch by side? In the example the 3 U pentominoes, the 2 V pentominoes and the 2 T pentominoes didn't touch by side. But this may also happened incidentally.

2)Is it enough to send the answers of 3 puzzles? Or must we also calculate the points we will get from puzzle 4 (The Link) and  send this result by explaining its components (I mean 3 points obtained by checking Puzzle1&Puzzle2, Puzzle2&Puzzle3 and Puzzle1&Puzzle3)?

And one last question: Does miscalculating the score obtained from a single puzzle makes our solution incorrect. Since the grids are big enough any puzzler can make such a mistake and we know that incorrect solutions will get 0 points. Then each of us must be very careful.

Thanks again for all contributors Ok

Kind regards,

Hi Zafer,

Thank you for your kind words.  I hope you will take part in the competition.

Let me answer your questions:

1) The pentominoes may touch by side, there is no restriction on that.

2) It will be accepted if one sends only the three diagrams. However, I guess that the competitors calculate their score in order to see what version is the best,
so it should be no problem for them to send the scores and mean points also. It helps me check the solutions faster.

3) Miscalculating the score does not make the solution incorrect.  

Best regards,
Hi Marko,

Thanks for explanations Smile You're right for the 4th puzzle I mean The Link.
If you have much more time you can also try to optimize the intersection
of individual puzzles. But if you can not optimize your solving time for
the puzzles just like me you may only hope that individual puzzle
solutions are linked in a good way Rolleyes

Anyway really nice set of puzzles Ok Thanks again.

I also want to say happy birthday to you Balloon Pfeif


Dear puzzlers,

The Eighth Serbian Open Championship in Solving Optimizing Puzzles is over. The winner is Tomoaki TOkunaga from Japan. You can see the results and the best solutions at

Thank you all for participation.


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