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Dutch Puzzle Championship 17th of June 2014
After the Sudoku Championship it is next week time for the Dutch National Puzzle Championship.
Same concept as a few days ago: From 20.00 till 22.00 CEST you have time to solve as many puzzles as possible. International participation is (again) warm welcomed!
All puzzles are created by Hans Eendebak.
Here is a brief instruction of the puzzles in English:
1. Domino - Standard domino with drawing all borders;
2. Zeeslag - Standard Battleships;
3. Kakuro - Standard;
4. Sterrenslag - Standard Star Battle. Two stars in each row/column; one star in each region;
5. Buienradar - (don't know the english name). Place clouds of at least 2x2 in the grid. Clouds don't touch, not even diagonally. Digits outside the grid tell how many cells are occupied by clouds;
6. Mathrax - place digits 1~8 in each row/column. Clues inside the grid: O: all four surrounding cells are odd; E; all four are even; Digit & +: adding the digits in both diagonals leads to the mentioned digit. Digit & -: subtracting the digits in both diagonals leads to the mentioned digit. The same goes for x (multiplying) and / (dividing).
7. Flatgebouwen - standard skyscrapers 1~7.
8. Trio's - Place digits 1 to 10 three times in the grid, one digit in each white cell. Same digits are in row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal in any possible angle.) Same digits have the same distance to each other (three in a (longer) row);
9. Buren - Neighbours; Place digits 1-3 in the grid so that en each row and column, each digit appears three times. Numbers in grey cells do not share an edge with a cell containing the same number. Numbers in white cells share an edge with at least one cell containing the same number. All grey cells are given.
10. Mochikoro - Standard
11. Renban - place digits 1~8 in each row/column. Digits in each bold outlined area form a renban group.
12. Heyawake - Standard
13. Letterraam - Standard Easy as ABCDE
14. Tapa - standard tapa with question marks. Question marks are always placed first.
15. Tentje Boompje - standard tents and trees.
16. Slant - Draw a diagonal line through each square. Diagonal lines never form a closed loop. Numbers in circles indicate the amount of lines connected to that circle.

If you still have any question regarding puzzles or procedure: don't hesitate to ask!

Instruction booklet can be found here:
Click on WCPN NK 2014 Instructieboek.

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