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Russian Optimization Championship 2013
Hi to all,

This year the championship includes 6 tasks to deal. Although the file with puzzles has been published in December 2012 I've seen it 3 or 4 days ago but the deadline for sending your answers is 31 March 2013. We can send our answers in any form until deadline to

I also tried Google translate first but some tasks had some missing points. Then I asked Olga for some clarifications. Here is what she had wrote to me:

1. There are 2 independent puzzles. Draw some cells so there are exactly 2013

b.rectangles, not squares (no matter how many squares are formed).

In the red example you can see 9 squares and 11 rectangles.

2. Represent 1/2013 as a sum and (or) difference of some fractions. Minimize sum of numbers which you use in fractions.

3. You should create a multiplication expression (align to right), using some dominoes . The smaller factor should be as big as possible.

In the given example the smaller factor is 34.

4. Put digits so you can read all numbers with 3 different digits without 0 (from 123 to 987). Of course, you can use one digit many times, so, use the same digits for 174 and 471 (but not 147). It means if you can read some number, you can read it's reversed number too. Minimize the sum of written digits.

In the given example you can read all 72 two-digit numbers with different digits. And also it is shown that how to read 3-digit numbers in this example.

5. Compose the square 8x8 from 16 different colored L-tetromineso so the difference (number of white areas minus number of red areas) is maximal.

In the given example there exist 6 white areas and 5 red areas. So their difference is 1.

6. Create a chain from pentominoes. Mark lengths of each piece of boundary among neighboring elements. All 22 couples of neighbouring numbers should be different. Minimize the length of border.

I'm also uploading the original document with puzzles (in Russian). You may also check it for the examples for better understanding. One still have about 2 months period for handling the puzzlesWink

Kind regards,


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Many thanks, Zafer, for the information and your efforts!

Best regards,


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