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Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour
@DiMono: Apart from the point Gabi has made - and which you have apparently missed - I have two other issues with your suggestions.

First, you keep using the phrase "high quality sudoku". I disagree with your assessment. As mentioned before, the current rating system favors the setters (because Portal users who do not like the puzzles do not solve them and therefore do not get to rate them). Also, many of the new solvers use only the top part of the rating spectrum, and - in particular very recently - setters reject all bad ratings, up to the point that they request actions against them. Just because these users keep telling themselves how great their creations are does not make it so.

Second, this is not a commercial website. We had hoped that visitors who took notice of LMD (via the Portal or otherwise) would develop an interest in other puzzle styles and, as a result, perhaps become members in our association. Instead you are suggesting that we give in to their interests and make money with it. Do you really not see what is wrong with this picture?

LMD has limited resources (in particular manpower), and you must realize that we invest our energy into changes that are in the interest of our members. What you are suggesting - which is basically all about enhancing the competitive elements of the Portal - may be in the interest of outside visitors, but not in ours. On the contrary, it is regrettable that Portal setters have become more and more obsessed and hostile about a few percentage points and their 15 minutes of glory. I see no reason to further encourage them in that regard.

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RE: Drawing attention to a specific user and their detrimental behaviour - von Hausigel - 31.07.2023, 10:48

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