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General inquiry about the forum
(01.11.2020, 14:36)Semax schrieb:
(31.10.2020, 18:44)CHalb schrieb: You can search e.g. for the nicest very easy puzzles you haven't solved yet. I'm aware that this is applicable only to puzzles already having a visible rating and not to the mentioned with 5 or 6 solves. But I'm sure you get good hints by using the advanced search.

Does that mean, that if a puzzle doesn't get enough solvers in the first week, it cannot be found anymore by the search?
-> If a puzzle has enough solvers, it will get more.
-> If a puzzle doesn't have enough solvers, it won't get more.

That sounds pretty unfair.

Can we change the search algorithm when searching for rating, such that it also finds puzzles whose rating is not final yet?

I tried the advanced search several times. Excellent excellent tool!!!
The way to find unrated puzzles, is to find a puzzle-author you really like, and then search his/her puzzles. This will show both rated and unrated puzzles.
Or you can use "Solved by" and then enter for instance "fewer than 5". That will give you loads of unrated puzzles.

And you can sort them any way you like. For instance by least frequently solved, if you're up for a challenge.

If you are a constructor, and some of your puzzles have wound up long unsolved, I'm afraid you're out of luck though. I doubt many people actively search unsolved. And tbf some of the long unsolved puzzles deserve to stay that way (including a couple of mine Biggrin).

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