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Optimaliserings puzzels
I think, in general you need to be thinking a lot about the puzzle before you even start to make your first solution. First things to do:
- Fully understand all rules of the puzzle. Including initial parameters, like given digits, or given sums, or the shape of the grid, or the properties of the word list, or ...
- Fully understand the measure which is to be optimized. Including smaller measures which are part of the final value, like maximum of sum of digits in a row, or maximum of product of x (x are the sums), when the product of the row sums needs to be optimized.
- For each rule, think about how it is limiting the measure (or parts of the measure) in what way.
- For each pair of rules, think about how they are limiting the measure (or parts of the measure) in what way.
- For each triple of rules, and so on...

Secondly, you could think about optimal solutions for partly rules and partly measures:
- Take a small rule and a small part of the measure, then try to find the optimal solution for them.
- Then take a different rule or a different measure, and do the same.
- Then take combinations of rules and/or bigger parts of the measure.
- Stop, when it takes too much time to do so.
- Find out, which combinations of rules and measures are easy to optimize and which ones are hard to optimize.

Third, start broadly:
- Create a few different solutions, each starting with nothing but the given puzzle. When creating those, make sure that at the beginning you do VERY different things in all of them. For example, start in a different area of the grid, start with different digits or words, start to optimize different part-measures first. For each of the solutions, while creating them, you should already try to optimize them. But try to optimize a different part-measure in each of them.
- When you have those base-solutions, try to optimize each of them a little bit.
- For all optimizations, always keep track of your total optimizing measure. You always want to know what small change gave you how much progress in the measure.
- Try to find out, by which optimizations you can gain the most measure improvements.

Fourth, optimize narrowly:
- Create a new solution by starting from scratch and using any ideas and insights you gained so far.
- Try to optimize it as far as possible.

Fifth, delete + optimize:
- Delete a small random part of your current optimal solution, use the remainders to create a new solution, hopefully improving the optimum.
- Try to optimize it as far as possible.
- Repeat deletion and optimization. Always keep track of the total measure.
- If you feel stuck (can't improve more), go back to any previous solution or create a completely new one from scratch. Then repeat deletion + optimization again.

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