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    Thema: My First Sudoku
Beitrag: RE: My First Sudoku

(28.09.2022, 14:06)Pallando schrieb: Each Region must fully contain a V or an X Pentomino. Each Pentomino is made only from the digits 1 to 5 You might find it helps people understand the ruleset...
Kayexe Rätseldiskussionen 2 992 28.09.2022, 19:49
    Thema: My First Sudoku
Beitrag: My First Sudoku

Hi, Since I do not speak German I will post in english. I have found a new interest in setting sudoku recently (thanks to CTC on Youtube) I am not sure if this puzzle is any good or if it is too ha...
Kayexe Rätseldiskussionen 2 992 27.09.2022, 15:55