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    Thema: Killer cages spelling words
Beitrag: RE: Killer cages spelling words

Thank you all. Interesting to see the different ways people have combined words and sudoku :)  Good suggestion to clarify starting point CHalb, and happy to see some Plattdeutsch in a puzzle! BenTen...
unthinkable_spacewalk Rätseldiskussionen 3 1.662 31.03.2023, 00:25
    Thema: Killer cages spelling words
Beitrag: Killer cages spelling words

Hello all, I'm a first timer. Apologies, I'll have to speak English, and apologies for the English-centric nature of my puzzle. Is anyone familiar with puzzles that combine killer cages and words (s...
unthinkable_spacewalk Rätseldiskussionen 3 1.662 26.03.2023, 01:27