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    Thema: Rätselportal <-> Sudokuportal
Beitrag: RE: Rätselportal <-> Sudokuportal

The reason behind hiding the rating with a few votes is such that ratings remain as anonymous as possible. Otherwise you may end up with people sending each other threatening messages over negative ra...
Puzzle_Maestro Rätselportal 144 60.000 01.08.2020, 14:43
    Thema: Rätselportal <-> Sudokuportal
Beitrag: RE: Rätselportal <-> Sudokuportal

I am not sure whether it would be beneficial to set limits on puzzle creation based on solving. Any people who are solving purely to enable further publishing of puzzles would choose the puzzles which...
Puzzle_Maestro Rätselportal 144 60.000 07.07.2020, 15:47
    Thema: Question about a solving technique
Beitrag: RE: Question about a solving technique

(12.06.2020, 01:59)glum_hippo schrieb: Uniqueness techniques are useful in competitions, but a puzzle that absolutely requires uniqueness techniques to solve is generally considered faulty. More spe...
Puzzle_Maestro Rätseldiskussionen 10 4.091 12.06.2020, 18:17
    Thema: First Sudoku, Solvers Wanted
Beitrag: RE: First Sudoku, Solvers Wanted

It's not your fault; there has been a flood of puzzles in the portal lately, and so some solvers have to be more selective about which puzzles they solve, and unfortunately the highly unorthodox are o...
Puzzle_Maestro Rätseldiskussionen 9 4.084 14.05.2020, 19:15
    Thema: Puzzle Alphabet - 08.-12.05.
Beitrag: RE: Puzzle Alphabet - 08.-12.05.

(06.05.2020, 13:00)Bogdan121982 schrieb: Hello, I am a beginner and I would like to help me with a clarification for TomTom, please. In a cage should happen only one type of operation between all ...
Puzzle_Maestro Onlinewettbewerbe - online contests 39 31.726 06.05.2020, 15:35