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    Thema: Solving Puzzles Online
Beitrag: Solving Puzzles Online

Is there a standardized tag for "Includes a Link to solve online"? Along with the bigger question: Should there be one? I'm inclined to think it should exist, but would love to hear others opinions.
Eggr Rätselportal 1 2.256 14.09.2020, 05:00
    Thema: Variable Difficulties?
Beitrag: RE: Variable Difficulties?

Thanks for all the feedback. It doesn't makes sense for this specific case, but I like Dandelo's idea of using an isomorphic puzzle to provide multiple difficulties in the future, if that isn't frown...
Eggr Rätselportal 4 4.082 13.04.2020, 11:20
    Thema: Variable Difficulties?
Beitrag: Variable Difficulties?

I'm crafting a Sudoku variant and I'm torn on how difficult to make it. I know different users prefer different levels of challenge. With 17 givens, it's possible, but probably frustrating. (4 Star)...
Eggr Rätselportal 4 4.082 11.04.2020, 08:05