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    Thema: Help constructing with CtC
Beitrag: RE: Help constructing with CtC

(11.10.2021, 00:43)Phistomefel schrieb: Dear mathpesto, there might be a cleverer way to do this, but I usually first create a Sudoku in F-Puzzles, then copy the part of the URL after "https://f-p...
mathpesto Rätseldiskussionen 4 626 11.10.2021, 18:38
    Thema: Help constructing with CtC
Beitrag: Help constructing with CtC

Apologies for what is probably a very easy question, but... I just recently joined Logic Masters and have created all of my puzzles so far on F-Puzzles. I've noticed a lot of people have done so inste...
mathpesto Rätseldiskussionen 4 626 10.10.2021, 18:47