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    Thema: Wie sollen Portalrätsel aussehen?
Beitrag: RE: Wie sollen Portalrätsel aussehen?

Hello, I'm obviously biased here because I made one of these puzzles but I think it would be a shame if they were not allowed. The fog mechanic is one of the most innovative things I've seen in the w...
Dathan Rätselportal 20 7.582 27.10.2022, 17:18
    Thema: Labels und Tags
Beitrag: RE: Labels und Tags

Hello! First of all, sorry for my lack of German. Lately a new type of sudoku mechanic has been gaining traction (Fog of War) and puzzles are starting to be published using this mechanic. Some exam...
Dathan Rätselportal 83 60.542 27.10.2022, 16:58