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    Thema: Ratings
Beitrag: RE: Ratings

(01.05.2021, 16:43)House urchin schrieb: Not sure what you mean when you say the one vote "destroys" / "kills" your rating. Apart from that, same response as in the other thread: Authors are not ent...
quarterthru Rätselportal 8 1.542 01.05.2021, 17:41
    Thema: Ratings
Beitrag: Ratings

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I get really tired of seeing my ratings get destroyed by one down vote.  Is there anything we can do so that maybe we treat scoring like they do in th...
quarterthru Rätselportal 8 1.542 01.05.2021, 03:58
    Thema: Löschen von Rätseln
Beitrag: RE: Löschen von Rätseln

I'm having trouble with this as well. Unfortunately, I accidentally activated the puzzle and deactivated it moments later. But now it won't delete. I typed an extensive reason (more than 10 bytes l...
quarterthru Rätselportal 3 1.405 07.09.2020, 18:55
    Thema: Help me!!!!
Beitrag: RE: Help me!!!!

(26.08.2020, 15:38)cdwg2000 schrieb: Did you upload the image to the server? and get an ID?
quarterthru Rätseldiskussionen 14 399 26.08.2020, 15:53