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Tournoi du forum 2012: Heads or tails - Fred76 - 03.04.2011


Each year, tradition dictates that I organize a small online tournament on the forum http://sudokuvariante.forumactif.com/. Last year, I called it TFOSCAWSC, and Gotroch was the winner. This year, it will be held from 7 to 13 April 2011.

Given the abundance of tournaments at different sites this year, I decided to inaugurate a new formula.
The tournament will take the form of relay, will contain 6 grids (common variants) that I created, some of which can be a challenge for beginners or inexperienced players. Good players should find among the 6 grids 3-4 chunks allowing them to show their skills to solve hard grids.

I know the system I developed is perhaps a bit heavy (6 pdf files to print separately, which can waste a little time for players with a printer slower than others), however I invite you to participate in the right mood in this unusual tournament.

All details are on this page: http://sudokuvariante.forumactif.com/h15-tournoi-du-forum-2011


RE: sudokuvariante's tournament 2011 - yureklis - 13.04.2011

Fred, i've already solved your test. At the begining i had to cope with my printer problem, but anyway i could finish the test. My favorite puzzles are Killer and Toroidal. Both of them were great!
Also your test format is brilliant idea. I think i didnt see same format before . "Each code is password for next puzzle" idea is amazing and so enjoyable!! I hope that you keep organazing similar tests. Thank you very much for great effort,


RE: sudokuvariante's tournament 2011 - Fred76 - 13.04.2011

Thank you, Serkan !

I'm happy to see that you enjoy the tournament's grids and the new formula.
I hope other participants enjoyed, too. The tournament end at midnight (GMT+2h), perhaps there will still be some changes in ranking till the end.

RE: sudokuvariante's tournament 2011 - Fred76 - 14.04.2011

The tournament is finished.

The html page of tournament becomes result page: http://sudokuvariante.forumactif.com/h15-tournoi-du-forum-2011

Congrats to Rishi, Nikola and Rohan who take podium's places !

Congrats to all participants, hope you enjoyed !


Tournoi du forum 2012: Heads or tails - Fred76 - 03.07.2012

The 2012 edition of "tournoi du forum" is ready:

There will be 2 rounds: the first one from 7 to 9 July and the second from 14 to 16 July. The duration of each round is 75 minutes and each round contains 8 sudokus (3 classic and 5 variants).

This year, the theme is "Heads or tails". The first round is a relay and you'll have to chose the rule of the first grid (even sudoku or odd sudoku). According to the choice of each player (and as the difficulty of all grids is not exactly the same according to the choice), there will be 2 separate rankings after this round, and the second round will determine the unique final ranking !

The page of the tournament: http://sudokuvariante.forumactif.com/h16-tournoi-du-forum-2012

The Instructions booklet: http://www.archive-host.com/files/1655887/ce78eb3de0e1e4477a37e7c4b57e5d5ab0c53001/booklet.pdf

Everyone is welcome !

Have fun !


RE: Tournoi du forum 2012: Heads or tails - Fred76 - 06.07.2012

Tournament has started !

Good luck !