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Sudoku competitions - NikolaZ - 29.12.2009

The Fifth Serbian Sudoku Championship will be held on Saturday, January 30th in Belgrade. On this occasion, Serbian puzzlers organize a few online contests for training. The first online contest will be held on Sunday, January 3rd on http://logika-nikola.blogspot.com/ at 16.00 CET (GMT+1). The author of the puzzles is 2009th WSC runner-up Branko Ceranic. Instructions will be published on Friday, January 1st, at 12.00. Participation is free and there are no awards, only good fun and practicing.



RE: Sudoku competitions - NikolaZ - 03.01.2010

The first contest is over. The winner is Predrag Stanojevic from Belgrade, after the one mistake of Jakub Ondrousek. Second place won Jason Zuffranieri from USA, and third place belongs to Florian Kirch from Germany. Full results you can find in the Excel file.

There will be two more preliminary contests, 17th and 24th january.


RE: Sudoku competitions - NikolaZ - 14.01.2010

The second preliminary contest for the Fifth Serbian Sudoku Championship organized by Serbian Puzzle Association willl be held on Sunday, January 17th starting at 12 pm CET (GMT + 1). The puzzle authors are Nikola Živanović and Marko Obradović.

On website http://puzzleserbia.com/index0.html you can download the instructions with examples, as well as the document with actual contest puzzles. The password will be available at the answer page together with the answering form. The password also will be available on http://logika-nikola.blogspot.com/.



RE: Sudoku competitions - NikolaZ - 14.01.2010

The puzzle file has a small correction, if you had downloaded it on January 14th, please download it again!


RE: Sudoku competitions - NikolaZ - 17.01.2010

On the second preliminary contest there were 34 participants from 13 countries. The winner is Taro Arimatsu from Japan, with one point advantage over Jakub Ondroušek from Czech republic, and two points advantage over home favourite Branko Ćeranić. Philipp Weiβ got 10 points penalty and he finished at the 4th place. The puzzles were rather difficult and nobody managed to solve all of them. The four best solvers solved ten puzzles each. The hardest problem turned out to be number five (hundred), which was solved only by Bojana Vojnović from Serbia. You can look at the complete standings as well as the answers our competitors sent.

Next and last preliminary contest will be held next sunday.


RE: Sudoku competitions - pin7guin - 18.01.2010

O no - I missed the competition. Sad
Is there a possibility to still get the puzzles? Tasty That would be great! Ok

Claudia Pingu

RE: Sudoku competitions - NikolaZ - 19.01.2010

You can download the puzzles here:


Password is: su10doku


RE: Sudoku competitions - Smat - 29.01.2010

Hi Nikola,

can you please tell us the password for third Contest file.

Thanks in advance


RE: Sudoku competitions - NikolaZ - 02.02.2010

The password is: