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OAPC 10 - Live From WPC - gulce - 24.10.2009

We already announced that OAPC was over and the last contest would be a marathon round in Antalya. But then we came up with the idea, why not hold it online simultaneously with the event?

So here is the deal: On the 6th of November, OAPC 10 will start in WPC 2009, and then it will go online just after half an hour. The puzzles will be available for download when the booklets are distributed in Antalya. You will have half an hour to download the puzzles, and after half an hour, go test yourself and see what ranking you would get among the best puzzlers of the world!

Instructions of the contest can be found at the WPC instruction file on Monday, 26th of October. Further explanations are coming soon.

RE: OAPC 10 - Live From WPC - uvo - 26.10.2009

Considering what just happened at the USSC (read Thomas Snyders report here), you might want to disallow any electronic devices in the competition room in Antalya - not only to prevent cheating, but to prevent incorrect accusations of cheating, if someone has an unexpectedly good round.

RE: OAPC 10 - Live From WPC - HaSe - 06.11.2009

Hallo Freunde des gepflegten Turnierrätsels,

Ihr wart doch bestimmt heute alle dabei.

Kann mir einer das Passwort für die PDF-Datei schicken?

Danke vorab


RE: OAPC 10 - Live From WPC - Realshaggy - 06.11.2009

Leider hab ich es mir nicht aufgeschrieben, da bisher immer sehr schnell die unverschlüsselte Datei zur Verfügung gestellt wurde. Hoffen wir einfach mal, dass das trotz Stress auch diesmal so ist.