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Puzzles in the portal - Richard - 26.03.2009

Luigi is looking forward to Twin Killer III. And maybe other puzzlers as well…
I will not disappoint you: there will be a third Twin Killer. Wink

Here are my thoughts on the rätselportal:
1) I really enjoy designing puzzles, especially Sudoku variants that are (a) not (often) in the magazines or (b) too hard for the magazines. Biggrin
2) Designing puzzles is a time consuming hobby.
3) We have to be careful that the rätselportal is not turning into a Sudoku portal. There are other websites for that.
4) Combining 1), 2) and 3) means that I will continue making Sudoku variants for the portal in an easy, steady pace as long as this is appreciated by the puzzlers. Of course I will make some other logic puzzles as well.

It will depend on the time available how often people can expect puzzles from me. In the first few weeks I will be also busy with puzzles for DSM 2009. Ok

I am wondering what other people’s opinions are regarding the portal. Like to read your reactions. Book

Regards, Richard