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2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - yureklis - 09.02.2009

2009 21 February 2nd OAPC will be hold.

When WPC2009 web page is ready examples of this contest will be published. I guess that it can be in this weekend(09-14).

Serkan Yurekli

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - yureklis - 17.02.2009

This contest will be hold in diogen web side again because of WPC09 webside is not completed. You can register and you can see instruction file in this link :


Instruction file was published. If you have any questions about Instruction file you can ask in forsmarts forum or here.

Good luck

S. Y

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - yureklis - 18.02.2009

some questions

1) Is there a mistake in he PUSULA example ??? in the bottom left sector the digit 2 should point towards two different digits 5 in two neighbour sectors so the arrow should have two pointed edges not just one

2) I think there are mistakes in the STEP BY STEP puzzle. SOme of the jumps are not as long as speicifed
. for example the jump from 12 to 13 and from 24 to 25

3) It took me a while to understand in SERAMIK the sentence "PAINTED CELLS of a 2x2 square cannot touch another 2x2 square's painted cells". I think it means that when a (1x1) cell is painted, all the adjacent cells of different 2x2 squares must be white . PLease confirm this is correct.



1) Yes there is a mistake, you are right, the arrow have two pointed edges.

2) Yes you are right. Jumps from 12 to 13 and 24 to 25 are invalid.

3) Painted cells including by any 2x2 squares cannot touch side by side any other painted cells of 2x2 squares. So when a cell is painted, all cells in different 2x2 squares which are touch the side of the cell, must be white as you said.

Mistakes like 1,2 will be fixed in Puzzle File.

Thank you Stefano

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - yureklis - 20.02.2009

The puzzle file is now published on the contest page:

Password will be seen at the contest time.

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - yureklis - 21.02.2009

The example of the optimizer has been fixed in the puzzle file, but the answer format has remained mistaken. The answer for the example will be:

Not an important mistake but it will clear any possible confusions.

Good luck

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - uvo - 21.02.2009

Kurzfassung: Ich hab nicht alles raus, mir fehlen 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 27, 28 sowie der Optimierer (den hab ich überhaupt nicht probiert). Fehler bei den gelösten Rätseln sind nicht auszuschließen.
Alles deutlich schwerer als der Vorgängerwettbewerb.

Langfassung folgt später...

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - berni - 21.02.2009

Ich hab 1, 9,10, 25-41, wobei ich 1 in letzter Minute noch geraten habe, aber es scheint richtig zu sein. Bei 11 hatte ich irgendwann einen Widerspruch und dann keine Lust mehr auf diese Rätsel. Sehr schön fand ich hingegen die Smashed Sums.

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - euklid - 21.02.2009

Ich hab 1-4 (Snake Egg), 9-12 (Pusula), 13-16 (Step-by-step), 25 (Copycope), 29-32 (Smashed Sums), 33-36 (Baca). Da ich die Raetsel schon ueberprueft habe, sollte ich keinen Fehler dabei haben und 113.6 Punkte erreicht haben.

Ich hab recht systematisch einen Raetseltyp nach dem anderen vollstaendig erledigt. Ich hab mich eher auf die hochpunktigen Raetseltypen konzentriert (5 Typen komplett), das eine Copycope (Nr. 25) hab ich am Ende noch schnell geloest und 6 Sekunden vor der Zeit abgegeben. Fuer die restlichen Raetseltypen war keine Zeit.

Den Optimierer hab ich nicht begonnen. Bin neugierig, wie viele Punkte da drin gewesen waeren.


RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - yureklis - 21.02.2009

Complete results of the second OAPC can be found at: http://diogen.h1.ru/cgi-bin/contest/result.pl?id=29

The top three are as follows:
1. Taro Arimatsu (Japan)
2. Ulrich Voigt (Germany)
3. Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia)

RE: 2nd Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest - yureklis - 22.02.2009

An overview of the 2nd OAPC:

It was a bit more tough than the first one Smile The first one was more solvable, this one was a little pushing, the third one will be somewhere between those. The 1st place has changed, congratulations to Taro Arimatsu.

Some mistaken answers accepted correct:

- writing "K"s or "D"s instead of "B"s
- in the "Seramik", also counting the areas having the size of 2
- in the "Briquet", writing the clues instead of writing "B"
- answers entered in reverse
- in the "Snail Sudoku", the arrow pointing to the entrance of the spiral is thought as the arrow pointing to the row which is wanted as an answer, the solution was right so the answer is accepted. The best confusion over all Smile

Thanks again and see you in the next event!

Serkan Yurekli & Gulce Ozkutuk

ps: Starting with the 3rd contest, we want to publish the example files in many languages. Those who volunteer for the translation of the instructions, please get in touch with us: oguzataypc@gmail.com