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Quali Dutch Sudoku championship - Richard - 15.01.2009

Last Tuesday the qualification of the dutch Sudoku championship is held. For people who like to practice a bit already for the DSM, or just want to have some puzzle fun, here is a link to the puzzles:


Since all instructions are in Dutch, here is a short translation. If you still have questions; don’t hesitate to ask.

Puzzle instructions:

1 plain chaos sudoku
2 sudoku XV: everywhere in the grid two bordering numbers sum up to 10, an X is inbetween, everywhere two bordering numbers sum up to 5, a V is inbetween. All X and V are in the grid
3 chaos Sudoku: digits 1 to 7 in every row, column, outlined area and the 7 individual cells. (like Jigsaw in the rätselportal)
4 incomplete suduko: digits 1 to 7 in every row, column, box. Two cells remain empty in every row, column and box. Numbers outside the grid are the sum of the digits in the first three cells from that side (0 if a cell is empty)
5 plain killer Sudoku
6 oplopende: numbers on the blue lines are in increasing or decreasing order. Not necessary in a consecutive order (for example: 1,3,4,7,8,9 is possible)
7 sudoku + 1: plain pünktchen sudoku. All dots are in the grid.
8 sudoku 10: digits 1 to 7 in every row and column of both grids. Numbers on the blue lines add up to 10 and are all different
9 pijlsudoku: number in the point of an arrow is the sum of the other two digits in the same arrow
10 twin killer: like killer; both grids have exactly the same solution

Have fun!

Freundliche Grüsse,

RE: Quali Dutch Sudoku championship - HuDu - 16.01.2009

(15.01.2009, 18:06)Richard schrieb: http://www.tazuku.nl/assets/TazukuNl/NK%20Sudoku%202009/Internetfinale2009.pdf

Thank you Richard. Really nice puzzles and not too difficult. Love

May be, we know the author of the "double killer"? Biggrin Ok


RE: Quali Dutch Sudoku championship - Statistica - 16.01.2009

(15.01.2009, 18:06)Richard schrieb: Have fun!

Freundliche Grüsse,

Yep, hatte Spaß. Die (4) war interessant, man muss sich in den Summen ganz schön 'umgewöhnen' und seltsamerweise(?) habe ich mich mit der (8) sehr schwer getan. Aber der Knaller ist ja die (10). Großartig Cool
Insgesmt: Schöne Ideen! Danke!