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To edit or not to edit - zanno - 05.11.2023


I recently posted my first puzzle. A commenter pointed out, I missed a small part in the rules description: I forgot to explain the inequality sign. Since I am new here, I dont know about editing policies. Is it ok, to edit a published puzzle? Do I mess with the solve counter? Is it possible, to edit the Sudoku-Pad version or do I have to create a new link? If so, would you do it or leave it?

For some context: The puzzle uses fairly standart rules (renban, whisper etc.) but combined in an very unusal way. I think a seasoned solver knows what to do with the inequality sign and someone new to variant sudoku will probably not reach the point, were its needed.
So should I edit or not?

RE: To edit or not to edit - uvo - 05.11.2023

Generally, editing a puzzle is acceptable, especially for the following reasons:

- rectification of an incorrect puzzle (multiple solutions or no solutions)
- clarification of the rules
- improved graphics or some other cosmetic changes

In your case, adding an explanation for the inequality sign is certainly acceptable. Keep in mind that there are always new puzzlers who haven't encountered some specific rules before; experienced puzzlers will often know what to do just from looking at a puzzle, newcomers won't.

While it is allowed, I would recommend not to make actual changes to a puzzle like adding or removing clues (unless necessary because a puzzle is incorrect of course).

RE: To edit or not to edit - zanno - 06.11.2023

Thank you very much for your detailed answer! So I am going to edit the missing line in.
Btw I did not mean to be condescending towards new puzzlers or exculde anyone. Its just that the break-in to this puzzle requires a lot of thinking about the behaviour of "standart"-lines before even the first pencilmark. I think new puzzlers might anyway turn to easier-to-access puzzles. But you are absolutely right: I should try to give anyone all necessary informations. It is totally possible to solve the puzzle with no prior knowledge.