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Need help with Hallig-Rundreise - Saibot - 30.07.2022


First of all, I am fairly new to logic-masters.de, and just made an account to the forum to post this thread.
I am not certain of all the forum rules, and could not find any. I am not sure whether I am allowed to post pictures of halve completed solutions, so I will wait with that until I have received a response answering that. 

I am currently trying Hallig-Rundreise from tuace. I really liked the Hallig puzzles, but the rundreise variant makes it so much more complex. I keep trying different starts but seem to run a dead end at the same problem. I seem to have some lighthouses in the first two rows and first two columns which seem to contradict each other. And it does not matter how I try to complete the amount of boats, there is not enough room to satisfy all lighthouses. If I am allowed to post a picture of my progress I will do so, perhaps someone knows what problem I am talking about and they can answer without giving too much away. 

Thanks in advance!

RE: Need help with Hallig-Rundreise - tuace - 31.07.2022

I'm glad you asked. But in general, it is absolutely undesirable to publish even part of the solution to a puzzle in the forum. Likewise, it is not desirable to publicly debate solution steps.
You have the possibility to write a "hidden comment" on the puzzle in the portal. This is only visible to you, the author and the solvers of the puzzle. Or you can write a personal message here in the forum, as you did. Everything else there.