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Tapa Train (25th December to 13th January) - swaroop2011 - 23.12.2021

Hi all,

This Christmas, Logic Masters India is hosting an all-new Daily Contest Series under the title "Puzzle Train".

Join us on the first journey, with 16 tapa puzzles, to be solved one at a time daily (or every 30 hours) over the next 20 days or so.
All puzzles (excluding trials) are made by me.
More details here -  https://logicmastersindia.com/daily/?contest=D202112T
This includes some Trial puzzles where you can try out the interface and see how things work, including ratings and comments and being able to view other players' solve approaches.
There is also an "About" section that has very detailed explanations of Tapa, so if you are new you can check that.

More details can also be found on the forum -  https://logicmastersindia.com/forum/for ... p? Tid = 2999

All aboard the Tapa express !! [Bild: 1f68b.svg] [Bild: 1f68b.svg] [Bild: 1f68b.svg] [Bild: 1f68b.svg] [Bild: 1f68b.svg]