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2020 UK Sudoku Championships - Druckversion

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2020 UK Sudoku Championships - detuned - 12.06.2020

If you haven't already seen, this weekend sees the running of the online 2020 UK Sudoku Championship.  Puzzles this year are by Sam Cappelman-Lynes (who was responsible for a fantastic WPF Sudoku GP round earlier this year) and Tom Collyer (me). International participation is definitely encouraged, and warmly welcomed! 

You can take part in any 2 hour window of your choosing over the weekend.  You'll need to be registered on the UK Puzzle Association website and you'll need a printer to take part.


RE: 2020 UK Sudoku Championships - Hausigel - 13.06.2020

Ich habe gerade teilgenommen und fand die Rätsel erstklassig. Es lohnt sich.

RE: 2020 UK Sudoku Championships - pin7guin - 15.06.2020

Das kann ich nur bestätigen. Hat Spaß gemacht, Danke!